About Us

Inspire Café is a dwelling of peace, well-being, beauty, and comfort; a sanctuary of rest for any time of day, and security for the Dubuque area community. 


A home away from home for visitors, Inspire Café is a “third place” kind of experience.  A “third place” is described as an anchor of community life that facilitates broad, creative interactions; a place where you connect with old friends and meet new ones.  


Adding to the one-of-a-kind “Inspire Café experience”, diverse and comfortable seating, outstanding customer service, and assurance that the highest standards of excellence and ethics have been maintained in the purchasing, grinding, and brewing of our coffees and teas.  Our café environment features an industrial-chic motif, an alluring designer fireplace, a five foot hand-carved Buddha statue, and inspirational artwork.


Our smiles, friendly help, and commitment to quality means that your experience will likely be one that draws you back again and again.

Mission & Core Values


To passionately serve exceptional food and beverages while promoting authentic connection, inspiration and community engagement. As an anchor of community life, Inspire Café is a catalyst for transformation dedicated to making a beautiful difference in our world.



  • Creating the “Inspire Café Experience” for our customers by providing exceptional beverages and food, superior customer service via warm, friendly interactions.

  • Creating personal and emotional connections  with our customers and one another.

  • Being a “third place” or anchor of community life where people connect with old friends and meet new ones.  Inspire Café is a home away from home for all of our guests.

  • Making a positive impact on the community  

  • Educating our customers on our products and services and keeping them informed about our events and programs.

  • Appreciating, respecting and celebrating diversity and multiculturalism.