Welcome to English Afternoon Tea at Inspire Café. Take in the relaxed ambiance and enjoy a three-tiered arrangement of finger sandwiches, breads & scones, and seasonal desserts. Choose from a selection of exceptional teas and perhaps enjoy a glass of champagne or mimosa. Afternoon Tea is a celebratory affair to enjoy with friends, associates and especially loved ones. “Little Prince  & Princess tea” also available for our junior guests (4 years to 12 years). 


English Afternoon Tea is served 3:30-6:00pm on the last Sunday of every month. Reservations need to be made 24-hours in advance. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.  Please call 563-583-8338 for reservations. When calling, please inform the staff of the number in your party, primary contact person's name and phone number, and any dietary restrictions. A credit card will be needed to hold the reservation. Please call within 24 hours for any cancellations. * If a reservation does not show for their scheduled tea time or follow the cancellation instructions a 50% charge will be added to the credit card on hold.


* add a glass of champagne $7  

* add a mimosa $8






The tradition of Afternoon Tea was established in England around 1840 by Anne, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford. She requested a tray of tea, bread, butter, and cake be brought to her in the late afternoon because she had a “sinking feeling” during that time due to the long gap between meals. Gradually she began to invite others to join her in her daily ritual and thus began the tradition.


Around the same time, the Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich, enhancing the overall experience of Afternoon Tea. Within a short period of time this affair became an elaborate social event. To this day, Afternoon Tea remains a celebratory affair to enjoy with friends, associates and especially loved ones.

LITTLE PRINCE & PRINCESS TEA  $19 per person (4 years to 12 years)




We are delighted to share with you our favorite ritual of English Afternoon Tea!  This beautiful tradition has played, and continues to play, a powerful role in our relationship. Indeed, it was during Scott’s first visit to see me in England that I surprised him with an experience of Afternoon Tea at the Marriott Hotel in Bristol, August 2001.  However, neither of us were prepared for the incredible experience that was to unfold. The transformative ritual of Afternoon Tea combined with the transcendent power of new-found love transported us to a magical time in which everything was possible!  We were filled with inspiration and exuberance -- overflowing with possibilities, excitement and grand visions for our future!


All of the dreams that were given birth to that day have come to fruition!  Being able to share this ritual in our community (and with you) is the fulfillment of one of our dreams.


We continue to celebrate with English Afternoon Tea during our travels, for special occasions and ”just because”.  Without fail, we always reconnect to the magic that we first experienced with this lovely ritual.